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You’ll choose one of these articles for project 1, the abstract. They’re arranged below by time period. All are full-text online via GW Library databases, mainly America: History & Life or MLA Insternational Bibliography; also check J-STOR. If you need help finding the articles in PDF, please ask a librarian.

Always use the PDF version, which is stable and includes page numbers and any images. (HTML versions often exclude these.) Download it and rename the file (I use author & keywords from the article title) so you can find it on your hard-drive.

Each article makes a specific argument or discovery about college student life, usually at a specific institution, analyzing primary sources and responding to relevant scholarship. Since you will do similar work in your own research essay, these essays serve as “starter” arguments from which you can ask similar questions of GW/MV student life. Pay attention especially to the questions the pose and their use of archival sources.

I list each article only once, under the time period it begins with; they often stretch beyond that period. Note: while most of these explicitly address race and/or gender, some do not; but you should read with eye for the workings of gendered and racial identities in those cases and think about the article’s relevance to those questions.

Early-Mid 19th Century

Hevel, Michael S. “Public Displays of Student Learning: The Role of Literary Societies in Early Iowa Higher Education.” The Annals of Iowa 70 (2011): 1-35.

Mangan, Patricia Hart. “Instantiating Vision at the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.” Journal of Religious History 40.1 (2016):  104-131.

Solberg, Winton U. “Harmless Pranks or Brutal Practices? Hazing at the University of Illinois, 1868-1913.” Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society 91.4 (1998): 233-259.

Wagoner, Jr., Jennings L. “Honor and Dishonor at Mr. Jefferson’s University: The Antebellum Years.” History of Education Quarterly 26.2 (1986): 155-179.

Gilded Age- Progressive Era (1880-1920)

Bachin, Robin F. “Courage, Endurance, and Quickness of Decision: Gender and Athletics at the University of Chicago, 1890-1920.” Rethinking History 5.1 (2001): 93-116.

Clemente, Deirdre. “Caps, Canes, and Coonskins: Princeton and the Evolution of Collegiate Clothing, 1900–1930.” The Journal of American Culture 31.1 (2008): 20-33.

Dunn, Joe P. “Scandal on the Plains: William F. Slocum, Edward S. Parsons, and the Colorado College Controversies.” Great Plains Quarterly 30.2 (2010): 117-134.

Finnegan, Dorothy E. “A Potent Influence: The YMCA and YWCA at Penn College [Iowa], 1882-1920s.” The Annals of Iowa 65 (2006): 1-34.

Lindell, Lisa R. “The ‘Quickening Power’ of Education: Women Students at South Dakota State University, 1885-1920,” South Dakota History 33.1  (2003):  18-45.

Van Dyne, Susan. “‘Abracadabra’: Intimate Inventions by Early College Women in the United States.” Feminist Studies 42.2 (2016): 280-310.


Cain, Timothy Reese. “Of Tempests, Laughing Horses, and Sacred Cows: Controlling College Student Presses between the World Wars.” American Journalism 29.3 (2012): 9-39.

Clemente, Deirdre. “The College Shop: Making, Selling, and Buying Womens Casual Clothing, 19301970.” Journal of Social History 49.2 (2015): 331350.

Drucker, Donna J. “‘A Noble Experiment’: The Marriage Course at Indiana University, 1938–1940.” Indiana Magazine of History 103 (2007): 231-264.

Edmondson, Aimee, and Earnest L. Perry. “To the detriment of the Institution”: The Missouri Student’s Fight to Desegregate the University of Missouri.” American Journalism 27:4 (2010): 105-131.

Mower Jennifer M., and Elaine L. Pedersen. “We wore ‘sloppy sweaters [and] tweed skirts’: Apparel for Wartime College Co-eds with a Case Study of College Towns in Oregon.” Journal of American Culture 39.2 (2016): 193-211.

Norwood, Stephen H. “In Denial: American Universities’ Response to the Third Reich, Past and Present.” Journal Of Ecumenical Studies 46.4 (2001): 501-509.

Poch, Robert K. “Howard University Students and Civil Rights Activism, 1934-1944.” American Educational History Journal 42.1-2 (2015): 219-236.

Simmons, LaKisha Michelle. “‘To Lay Aside All Morals’: Respectability, Sexuality and Black College Students in the United States in the 1930s.” Gender & History 24.2 (2012): 431–455.

Syrett, Nicholas L. “The Boys of Beaver Meadow: A Homosexual Community at 1920s Dartmouth College.” American Studies 48.2 (2007): 9-18.

Tice, Karen W.  “Queens of Academe: Campus Pageantry and Student Life.” Feminist Studies 31.2 (2005): 250-283.

Van Cleave, Kendra. “Fashioning the College Woman: Dress, Gender, and Sexuality at Smith College in the 1920s.” Journal of American Culture 32.1 (2009): 4-15.


Clark, Daniel A. “‘The Two Joes Meet. Joe College, Joe Veteran’: The G. I. Bill, College Education, and Postwar American Culture.” History of Education Quarterly 38.2 (1998): 165-189.

Goldberg, Barry. “‘That Jewish Crowd’: The 1949 CCNY Student Strike and the Politics of Fair Education Law in New York, 1945–1950.” New York History (Fall 2014): 584-604.

Grayson, J. Paul. “The Way They Were: ‘Conn Girls’ and American Culture in 1959.” Historical Studies in Education / Revue d’histoire de l’éducation 28.2 (2016): 76-96.

James, Anthony W. “The College Social Fraternity Antidiscrimination Debate, 1945-1949.” Historian 62.2 (2000): 303-324.

Nash, Margaret A., and Jennifer A. R. Silverman. “‘An Indelible Mark’: Gay Purges in Higher Education in the 1940s.” History of Education Quarterly 55.4 (2015): 441-459.

Nehls, Christopher Nehls. “Flag-Waving Wahoos. Confederate Symbols at the University of Virginia, 1941-51.” Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 110.4 (2002): 461-488.


Aby, Stephen H. “Angela Davis and the Changing Paradigm of Academic Freedom in the 1960s.”  American Educational History Journal 34.2 (2007): 289-301.

Aiello, Thomas. “Violence Is A Classroom: The 1972 Grambling and Southern Riots and the Trajectory of Black Student Protest.” Louisiana History 53.3 (2012): 261-291.

Baumgartner, Kabria. “‘Be Your Own Man’: Student Activism at the Birth of Black Studies at Amherst College, 1965-1972.” New England Quarterly 89.2 (2016): 286-322.

Beemyn, Brett. “The Silence is Broken: A History of the First Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual College Student Groups.” Journal of the History of Sexuality 12.2 (2003):  205-224.

De La Trinidad, Maritza.  “Mexican Americans and the Push for Culturally Relevant Education: the Bilingual Education Movement in Tucson, 1958–1969.” History Of Education 44.3 (2015): 316-338.

Mokrzycki, Paul. “After the Stand Comes the Fall: Racial Integration and White Student Reactions at the University of Alabama, 1963-1976.” Alabama Review 65.4 (2012): 290-313.

Olson, Rachel. “Centenary College and Title IX: How a National Law Changed Women’s Athletics at Centenary.” North Louisiana History 46.1-2 (2015): 19-32.

Opie, Frederick Douglass. “Developing Their Minds without Losing Their Soul: Black and Latino Student Coalition-Building in New York, 1965-1969.” Afro-Americans In New York Life & History 33.2 (2009): 79-108

Poulson, Susan L., and Loretta P. Higgins. “Gender, Coeducation, and the Transformation of Catholic Identity in American Catholic Higher Education.” Catholic Historical Review 89.3 (2003): 489-510.

Smith, John Matthew. “‘Breaking the Plane’: Integration and Black Protest in Michigan State University Footballduring the 1960s.” Michigan Historical Review 33. 2 (2007): 101-129.

Synnott, Marcia G. “Oral Memoirs of Student Pioneers in University Desegregation.” Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association (2016): 35-48.

Thompson, Ruth Ann. “‘A Taste of Student Power’: Protest at the University of Tennessee, 1964-1970.” Tennessee Historical Quarterly 57.1 (1998): 80-97.


Hughey, Matthew W. “Black, White, Greek . . . Like Who?: Howard University Student Perceptions of a White Fraternity on Campus.” Educational Foundations 20.1-2 (2006): 9-35.

Reimold, Daniel. “Sexual, Revolutionary: The First U.S. College Newspaper Sex Column, 1996-97.” Journalism History 33.2 (2007): 101-110.




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